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​I am defined by ​the 1000's of anxi​ety free people I've helped, so I'll let others be the judge...​

​...just take the time to scroll down the page... ​these are just a handful from thousands... you won't see this elsewhere!

charles linden

These are just a  few of the many tens of thousands of comments and testimonials we have been sent. I am so proud of the legacy I have created for my family and for mental health provision. These comments PROVE 100% what psychology, psychiatry and medicine state is impossible. If I cured myself, I knew that everyone can be cured. 


Charles Linden Anxiety Expert Guru ambassadors
Charles Linden Anxiety Expert Guru
Charles Linden Anxiety Expert Guru

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​22 Years of anxiety, phobia, obsessions and low mood suffering lead me to dedicate my life to preventing anyone else from enduring the pain, frustration, distress and misinformation that perpetuated my suffering


​Since recovering in 1996, I have helped people of all ages, from 4 to 96, from homeless people, TV, music & film stars, aristocracy to singers, sports stars and stay at home parents to fully recover


I created a ​ recovery organization, therapy and practitioner accreditation that has helped over 250,000 people in hundreds of countries, from every creed, age or religion to find full and lifelong recovery

I liken anxiety's relationship to fear with diarrhoea's relationship to bowel movements...
one's 'order', the other 'disorder'... I show people how to remove the disorder... erasing fear diarrhoea!
Charles Linden

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