My Family, ​Recovery & Passion for Changing Lives​

​Charles' story is the most unique story of triumph over adversity and creation of a truly remarkable international organisation

"Charles is the world's most influential authority on anxiety recovery"
Hay House Publishing

From chronically anxious Artist & TV Producer, to developer of the world's only accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy & recovery educational organization

The World's  ​#1  Stress & Anxiety Recovery Expert
Since 1997 - ​Head of LTE & Developer of LAR Therapy
Internationally Acclaimed Author & Consultant

I'm a mental health activist and educator with ONE goal... rid the world of fear disorders and all emotion-related mental ill-health.

A journalist once stated that I was relentless - I wasn't sure what she meant at the time but 18 years later, I can see that she was right.

I am relentless in my fight to show all sufferers that they suffer needlessly at the hands of incompetence and ignorance.

My background

I was born in Worcestershire, UK in February 1968.

Dad is a Civil Engineer, mum a Nurse Practitioner. I have one brother who is four years younger.

I am married to Beth and have two amazing children, the kids I never thought I would have, Charlie (Likes to be called Chaz) and Florence (Flo).

My background is in media. I am a trained artist and professional photographer/videographer, and I worked in television as a producer/director in my late twenties. I have two professional qualifications, one in Graphic Design from a German University and a degree in Electronic Media and TV.

​I have had over 200 written, audio and video works published. I have produced, directed and presented over 100 video programs including my own TV series. I have contributed to dozens of radio shows and worked on shows such as Gok Wan's series and behind the scenes on dozens of TV series, films, sports stadiums and concert venues across UK and the USA. Beth once co-owned a TV production facility and spent 20 years working in Broadcast TV before leaving to help with the business and of course, raise our two children.

To date (2018) over 30 million people have accessd and used my educational materials and benefitted from my suffering, my recovery and the work of myself and my educational specialists and mental health professionals.

My anxiety disorders

I suffered from anxiety issues from age 4 till I was 2​6 and it ruined 2​2 years of my life experience.

I had OCD, panic disorder, agoraphobia, separation anxiety, health anxiety, eating disorders, panic disorder, derealization, depersonalization, low mood, ROCD, HOCD and a massive range of, ever changing, symptoms and thoughts.

I had been told that
- I would have to manage high anxiety and mental health issues for the rest of my life
- I would have to compromise on my career and perhaps do part-time charity work my entire life
- I would always have to take medication
- I would never be able to have children because I wouldn't be able to provide for them fully
- my illness would worsen as I got older
- all of my conditions were incurable and just part of who I was

In 199​6, medicated and having had years of uselss psychotherapy, psychiatry, CBT, NLP and much more, in under a week I became anxiety disorder free.

Not just coping... fully recovered.

I no longer suffer from an anxiety disorder, I like my dad, have an issue with my heart and it's a concern, more for my family than for me really, but I don't focus on it and I get on with life despite it. We all have our issues but they shouldn't be a constant conscious focus. I live life as fully as possible and wake every day with one aim... to help others.


I am not a psychologist, but I suffered for 2​2 years and have since helped millions of people with my materials... 270,000 plus with the home learning program alone.

This isn't some concocted BS 'self-help' program, it's the ONLY accredited, dedicated recovery therapy and, most importantly, it works. In fact... it can't fail.

FEEL REASSURED - The reason that everything else has failed to cure you is because NOTHING available through psychology or medicine CAN cure you... its science is wrong. The practitioners (mostly) haven't got a clue how you feel, why you feel it or what to do about it.

You are told that you must manage your anxiety, learn coping strategies and continue to suffer... but you suffer because of practitioner incompetence​ not because you are ill or incurable.

If ​recovery isn't possible, I wouldn't have gone from chronic to completely recovered and the tens of thousands of people we have helped to recover would still be suffering.

You suffer because you haven't yet been shown the solution and the reason for that is simple... you've been speaking to the wrong people, despite what they might ​tell you.

Why Do ​YOU Suffer ​& What Is The Solution?

​I record these 'off the cuff' videos so that you get a true sense that my words aren't a sales pitch or rehearsed in anyway... ...just heartfelt, honest and experience-based logic, reassurance and guidance. Charles

So how did I feel the day I recovered?

It's very easy to remember how recovery felt because I still feel the same way today. 

I remember the feeling of lightness. I felt like a weight had lifted. I felt excited and focused. It was a feeling I had never previously experienced. It led me to so many realizations... the exposure of so many truths.

- every single anxiety sufferer can recover.
- medication cannot remove neurological responses to cure an anxiety disorder.
- no talking therapy works. It can't. It is scientifically flawed.
- flooding or exposure therapy will not cure an anxiety disorder. It can't.
- hypnotherapy cannot cure anxiety disorders.
- there is NO evidence for the curative efficacy of CBT - no trial data, no real people testimonials. *Only peer reviews. 

* 'Peer reviewing' is the way that practitioners ask other practitioners to state that what they do works, even in the absence of real evidence. They believe that if they do something and ask a friend to state that they saw it 'working', they have evidence... no, they just have compliant friends.

Since I recovered I have helped ​millions of people to understand their conditions and through the Educational Organisation we now run, we deliver recovery practitioner accreditation at a professional level and we offer home access, workshop, residential and corporate/schools/university recovery courses.​

Yes, that is me above.

That (above) was me in 1996.

I remember that day so clearly. Beth convinced me to go on a day trip to Elan Valley in Wales, but I was so agoraphobic and terrified. I thought I was going to die at any moment and I had at least 4 full blown panic attacks during that day out.

I had been that way since 1972. Ok my anxiety fluctuated during my early life, but I was agoraphobic, school phobic and had OCD for 23 years.

I always had to wear sunglasses. Light seemed so bright.

I was always on the verge of a panic attack, if not, right in the middle of one and the urge to run... from myself actually... was constant and overwhelming.

I was 60lbs overweight, but hardly ate.

I was taking 60mg of Valium a day.

I was taking either Prozac or Zispin.

I was on Stelazine.

I was drinking Rescue Remedy like water.

I was having CBT, NLP, psychiatry and other weird and wonderful therapies.

What changed?

Everything changed.

After 22 years of anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, panic and low mood... medication and therapy.... I was completely anxiety disorder free in under 5 days.

Day one the panic attacks and OCD WENT.

Days two to five... the rest faded away. Permanently.

So what did I do?

I inadvertently discovered the cure for all anxiety ​conditions.

Seriously, I discovered how to switch off all inappropriate emotional responses and now, 2​3 years later, what I discovered has been confirmed hundreds of times by research psychologists and doctors to be THE solution.

What did I do then? I recovered

I gave the solution to dozens of sufferers and guess what? They recovered too.

They would contact me to ask questions...

"Charles what would you do if you...
- had to take a flight?
- give a speech?
- are about to have a baby?
- experience X symptom?
- have an abusive partner?
- use drugs?
- are alcoholic?

... and the lists of questions went on and on.

I compiled lists of all these questions and I created Cds and videos to answer the questions... and as time went on, it turned into a pretty huge library of answers to most questions.

It was at this point that TLM was born.

We became an educational organisation. We employed clinical psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists to assist us in research and administering the therapy.
It then became an accredited therapy.

The therapy we developed is now the only accredited, dedicated recovery therapy and we have the world's only accredited mental health educational organisation teaching it to professional level practitioners. We then opened the Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops.

Now we are an NCFE educational organisation, work in partnership with government Trading Standards, we are NICE compliant, a member of the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers, members of the Association for Coaching

Our team are LAR, MBACP & BPS accredited/members.

...and we love what we do to change lives.

TV - Stress Free in 30 Days TV Series Excerpts

Some of the Hundreds of Radio Interviews I have Given

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Charles & Beth - The Times Magazine

Charles with Ricki Lake in Hollywood

jemma kidd and charles linden

Charles with with Lady Jemma Mornington (Kidd)

Charles with with Miranda Hart

Charles with with Sam Niel & Danny DeVito

Charles with Gok Wan on Gok's TV show

Charles with Rupert Young, Will's brother

The lovely Glynis Barber, one of Charles' friends and greatest supporters of what we do.

Jodie Kidd, a great friend and supporter of our
programmes and organisation

​Linda Robson with her son Louis. Louis was cured using The Linden Method. Linda is one of our greatest supporters and friends

​Plum Sykes - Vogue

Plum is one of our greatest supporters and friends

​"I adore my work and get to meet amazing people from all over the world. The anxious me wouldn't believe the life I am so fortunate to now lead." Charles

If you suffer and you truly want to recover, you have to do the only scientific, common sense and simple thing that can and will achieve recovery... kids of seven do it, so I know you can! Charles


​22 Years of anxiety, phobia, obsessions and low mood suffering lead me to dedicate my life to preventing anyone else from enduring the pain, frustration, distress and misinformation that perpetuated my suffering


​Since recovering in 1996, I have helped people of all ages, from 4 to 96, from homeless people, TV, music & film stars, aristocracy to singers, sports stars and stay at home parents to fully recover


I created a ​ recovery organization, therapy and practitioner accreditation that has helped over 250,000 people in hundreds of countries, from every creed, age or religion to find full and lifelong recovery

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I liken anxiety's relationship to fear with diarrhoea's relationship to bowel movements...
one's 'order', the other 'disorder'... I show people how to remove the disorder... erasing fear diarrhoea!
Charles Linden

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