The World's First & Most Respected Stress & Anxiety Recovery Expert  Since 1997

My name is Charles Linden and over the last 20 years, I have helped millions of people to truly understand their stress and anxiety and to use a simple, scientific, common sense Method to remove it and create stability in every aspect of their lives... RECOVERY: and it's so simple.

Recovery means total freedom. Never compromise. Never wait. Never believe it isn't possible. Never trust those who talk of coping or management.

​Charles Linden


​22 Years of anxiety, phobia, obsessions and low mood suffering lead me to dedicate my life to preventing anyone else from enduring the pain, distress and misinformation that perpetuated my suffering


​Since recovering in 1996, I have helped people of all ages, from 4 to 96, from homeless people, TV & Film Stars, aristocracy, singers, sports stars to find total recovery from emotional distress


I created a ​ recovery organization, therapy and practitioner accreditationthat has helped over 250,000 people in hundreds of countries, from every background, creed or religion


Since 1997, I have created and maintained a global reputation for creating real, scientific and lifelong recovery. Emotional health is every human's birthright and with my educational organisations, I have revolutionised mental healthcare by creating the world's only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy - with 100% effectiveness. Nothing else comes close - in fact, the next best is 900% less effective.

LAR Therapy isn't a treatment, it's THE treatment. The therapy we hve developed over 20 years of practice mimics the body and mind's own processes. Other therapies are 'shoehorned' into anxiety disorder treatment methods to provide services in the absence of knowledge or solutions. We pride ourselves on the work we do and the lives we change because they are unmatched anywhere else in the world.

We provide what every anxiety sufferer needs... and more.

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​It might take me a day or two but I personally answer EVERY email I receive myself!

I was you once so I feel stringly that if you write to ME, I personally respond. BUT, bare in mind that we have over 17,000 active clients and that I am ​constantly in case meetings, meetings with healthcare partners, running the residential programs or doing something else to make your's and other sufferer's lives better... so if you have anything you want to ask me about any aspect of what we do or recovery in general... email me.

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I liken anxiety's relationship to fear with diarrhoea's relationship to bowel movements...
one's 'order', the other 'disorder'... I show people how to remove the disorder... erasing fear diarrhoea!
Charles Linden

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