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​Emotional, Recovery and ​Stress Coaching & Mentoring

​1-2-1 Recovery ​Mentoring with Charles Linden

​Direct mentoring from the world's leading recovery expert

Charles' Stress & Mental health consultancy services include...

  • Recovery coaching & mentoring - Individuals & groups

  • Mental health consultancy for corporate or NHS

  • Media - TV/radio production/presentation

  • Educational course/product design & development

  • Audio and video product design

  • Writing - Freelance content for all media

  • Business coaching - MH, wellness, marketing, PR

  • ​Corporate stress, anxiety & wellbeing consultancy

  • Recovery coaching for sports people

Charles' Services

Over the last 25 years, Charles has developed hundreds of training, self-help and mental health resources in web, audio, video, app, corporate TV and radio media formats. Charles works as a consultant to a number of organizations and has mentored hundreds of sports-people, actors, performing artists, business-people, politicians and aristocracy. Charles' client base is vast, spanning from the Far East across Asia, Europe, Africa and all of the Americas. Charles' reputation precedes him and his knowledge and expertise is unmatched. 

Charles Linden Anxiety Expert Guru ambassadors

I liken anxiety's relationship to fear with diarrhoea's relationship to bowel movements...
one's 'order', the other 'disorder'... I show people how to remove the disorder... erasing fear diarrhoea!
Charles Linden

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