​The Descent of Decency

​An explanation of the abuse we have been subjected to for the benefit of those who need to know the truth behind the accusations.

Bullying, harassment, malicious communications, trolling

First of all, let's define bullying - Bullying is ANY unprovoked, negative attention or approaches.

​For the benefit of the dimwitted harassers - Bullying IS NOT:

  • ​requesting that people refrain from posting defamatory comments on forums
  • ​asking forums to remove defamatory/inaccurate materials from their websites
  • ​making legitimate police reports when people do not refrain from defaming others
  • sending solicitors letters to people who do not heed friendly and police warnings or requests
  • requesting that people refrain from posting inaccurate and damaging statements in social media

You may well feel agrieved or even, angry that you have been asked to stop doing these things, but the reason you have been asked to do so is because what you have written is, in law, unlawful or illegal... and is therefore open to croiminal or civil action, which makes YOU the perpetrator, the agressor and bully. Justify it as much as you wish, but when YOU act against another ouside of the law, regardless of your age, health, or any other factor, you do so at your own risk. ​

Our organisation, not Charles himself, have always acted within the law to prevent people from ending up in court, by firstly asking politely, secondly sending a legal letter and then, when appropriate, reporting the person to the appropriate authority... but let's be clear on this... if there was nothing to report and the police and solicitors saw no case to be answered, they wouldn't act. These unprovoked attacks have been answered very appropriately in every case... that is not bullying. Charles has personally done NOTHING. 

Bullying is stalking a company, individual, their family, children, friends, clients, partner companies and colleagues with inaccurate comments, harassing and aggressive messages, frightening messages, intimidation, threats of harm, threats of destroying lives... for over a decade. THAT is bullying, but it's also criminal behaviour covered by the harassment laws including cyber-stalking, harassment, malicious communications and threats to cause harm... YOU have done all that, not Charles Linden, not the organisation... YOU.

You sleep well at night because, in a nutshell, you're not '​of right mind'... you justify your vileness with incoherent, skewed perspectives, dillusions and fabricated lies... all within your vile plan to wreck people's lives for your personal satisfaction... even kids and old people are fair game to you.

You create fabricated online profiles, even in Charles' own name, pretending to be him in order to post harassing, defamatory untruths based on your own version of the facts... ​cowardly weasels... goading and threatening people... but you forget that you live in the world and so do the tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, that we have helped... how do you walk down the street with your loved ones knowing what you do to innocent people?

Let's be very clear about the people being discussed... we don't want to hear from them, we don't know them, we don't want their attention, we are not interested in what they have to say.

By virtue of the fact that they persist to attack, defame and harass despite warnings, their intentions are evident and they state them clearly.

They cite 'fair criticism' or 'reviews' of our work and businesses as their motivation, but if that is their motivation, why do they concoct lies and make complaints to other organisations about us in order to state that we have been complained about... because they can and it satisfies their dillusional egos.

The screenshots they post as evidence of wrong-doings are fabricated.

Her is a list of some of the lies and insults:

- Our staff are unqualified.

- We are 'under investigation' by Trading Standards.

- We run a gay conversion bootcamp.
- We lie about our credentials and accreditations.
- We lie about the quantity of people we have helped.
- We lie about our position in psycho-education and the iapt model

- We lie about organisations we work with.
- Charles is a 'bully'.
- Charles is a liar.
- Charles is a 'fat, baldy charlatan'.
- Charles is a 'cockwomble' (The intellect is evident).
- We are 'under investigation'.

- Charles nearly 'killed' people.
- We know where your children go to school so stop curing people.

I think it's perfectly evident what sort of people these are. The internet provides a forum for bad people with the opportunity to attack.

We have their full names, addresses and every single post and message. If they want us to provide all evidence to support OUR statements... keep going... keep harassing us... see what the world, your employers, your family and friends make of the truth when they see it. 26 people in 26 locations around the world have copies ready to send out on the internet... it doesn't get released till something happens.

West Mercia police have it all too.

These monsters concoct falsehood and evidence in order to publicly justify their unprovoked attacks. They even go after the children and vulnerable mental health patients.

They state that we do not 'like' people 'reviewing' our business... that's entirely untrue... we like fair comment and discussion... we dislike hatred, childishness, bullying and threats... there's a big difference but these sub-intellectuals, despite in a couple of cases having seemingly normal intellect, will use any defence for their bullying.

A 'review' isn't calling names or posting falsehood... that's defamation, that's harassment.

An ex colleague of one man told us that they day they left, the entire organisation breathed a sigh of relief and that he places himself second only to god... we know this man through reputation alone... he is detested by 99% of the people who know him. He probably doesn't have a clue though: his narcissism blinds him.

Re your disbelief about our legal team: West Mercia Police at Kidderminster Police Station would be happy for you to contact them to confirm that you are being investigated. Our Solicitors and Barristers, and you know who they are because you have received cease and desist letters from them, would be glad to confirm they are acting for us.

Get Your Facts Straight

Anyone wishing to understand the TRUTH about our organisation can contact Lorraine at Wyre Forest Trading Standards, our solicitor and barrister at Ward Hadaway in Manchester or West Mercia Police in Kidderminster (PC Shotton).


The term 'they' means the collective group or individuals. Some are more active than others.

1. A person wrote a very churlish, factually incorrect review of our programs and allowed/encouraged its distribution far and wide across the internet. He never had access to the full programme, any staff members, or online elements.

2. He then also reported us to the ASA, so that he could state that we had been reported to the ASA.

3. He then started to systematically contact organisations we worked with and had been associated with to make complaints about us. In fact, so much so that they contacted us to say that his conduct was, 'disturbing'.

4. He then collected a group of ​stooges ​to go out and find disgruntled people, some of whom have severe, true mental illness and other issues, family, legal and financial for example.

5. One runs a club for sufferers that has a vested interest in keeping people 'unwell'. One is someone who's behaviour led them to be chastised and thrown off a forum for their comments about us. They chose people that have a grudge, attitude problem or mental health issues.

7. Untruths are generated and spread across social media and forums hoping that people believe them and assist them.

8. Friends, celebrity supporters, vulnerable clients and even our employees' children are contacted constantly, hundreds of times.

9. False social media accounts like Bion and Klein are created to use to attack, defame and harass us.

10. In the mean time, these same people have been receiving harassment warnings, solicitor letters and direct instruction to cease and desists, which they ignore completely and state that these are 'bullying' by Charles Linden despite the warning coming from company legal and police complaints. One man was arrested.

11. Messages of threat are sent using words like 'baldy', 'cockwomble', 'little shite' and other childish insults.

12. Charles' children are contacted on social media, creating immense distress which caused them to stay off school a number of times.

13. Direct messages are sent to our directors, including Beth Linden at night with 'sleep well' messages and winks.

14. Charles and Beth were told that if they didn't stop curing people, they 'knew where your children go to school'.

15. Hundreds of Tweets, facebook posts, forum posts, false reviews and direct messages have hounded, harassed, defamed and caused distress for over a decade. YES a decade.

16. Beth Linden and one of the children especially, was made unwell by the actions of one person; this person then attacked repeatedly to justify his harassment.

17. Fabricated false posts are created in other people's names, they change their social media accounts to names of our clients and fabricate false identities in order to write fictitious complaints about us.

The ASA and Trading Standards... the TRUTH

1. We had ONE ASA complaint in 20 years... from a person involved in this case... a troublemaking fool with an ego the size of ​a planet... a man who is probably unaware that he is secretly hated. As an example of how other organisations behave, a very respected UK university has had over 40 complaints this year alone. Except for this complaint, we have never in over 2​60,000 clients, had a previous or subsequent ASA or Trading Standards complaint except for repeated complaints by this one 'man'. ​ 

2. We amended the claims to be more exact but this person hounded the ASA into taking irrevocable action.

3. Re Trading Standards - We have NEVER been investigated by Trading Standards - The ASA, who are NOT a government agency, then referred us to Trading Standards for assistance. Trading Standards worked with us to be certain they were happy with our business and claims. They were.

4. We asked Trading Standards if there is a 'stamp of approval' we could get and they referred us to Primary Authority which we voluntarily joined. It was NOT an enforced action.

5. Re working with Copenhagen University - We NEVER stated that we did - We stated that - We worked with CAPITA and the NHS to create a business model that fitted into the Stepped Care model for iapt. The NHS specified the trials which were carried out by an associate who is also a psychologist in Copenhagen - he used analysis machines AT Copenhagen to calculate our efficacy rates, which, by the way were almost 100%. He was NOT an employee of our company and never has been.

6. Re our NHS ​work - An NHS PCT asked to help a number of young people but when the recovery success exceeded their maximum allowable success, they stopped access to the young people which caused massive distress to them. One of the families 'saw red' and decided to attack US for this, with lies and accusations that can only come from the real mental illnesses and traumatic social issues within the family group. The child we helped then lied to their parents about the experience, in the same way ​they had lied to them with the very worst of lies for years, a lie that was continued for a long period of time to prevent the impact the deceit would have had on family members and friends.

7. We are a psycho-educational organisation, nothing to do with psychology. The people commenting on our methods do not have professional privilege to do so and are only doing so due to their own personal needs.

8. Our programmes fall under NICE guidelines for the stepped care model under CG113, guided self-help, peer support and psycho-educational instruction.

9. We are an NCFE accredited educational organisation.

10. Despite what is claimed, our staff are all MBACP or BPS member psychotherapists and psychologists.

11. Despite claims, our advisers are doctors of psychology, psychiatry and medicine who work with us, not because we need to, but in order to say and do the right things.

12. Despite what is claimed, our qualified staff have duty of care, safeguarding and supervision policies they work to.

13. Charles Linden has never received a police harassment warning or legal attention of any sort. We have never been subject of any criminal or any other investigation by any government body. ​One of these fools did report Charles to the police for 'harassing him' when our solicitor sent hima  cease ad desist letter for harassing and defaming Charles. The letter warned HIM to stop the dozens of harassing, defamatory and somewhat disturbing messages aimed at Charles. The police did follow it up because they have to but no evidence of Charles doing anything wrong was provided... as he had done nothing.

We could go on because their vileness knows no bounds... every claim they make can be disproved as factually incorrect or fictitious, distorted or manipulated.

​Charles Linden is an author. An ex sufferer of anxiety disorders and other issues who helps people to recover IF they wish to listen to him. He is NOT a therapist, psychologist or doctor and has never claimed to be. He is a 'normal bloke' who uses his passion for helping people to bring the very best care he can to them when they ask for it. CBT practitioners, people who run other organisations be it for profit or not, attack him and his organisation to prevent people from recovering in order to serve their own need to silence us and prevent their members from getting better. There can be no other justification. Like him or not, the lies these people tell and the activities they partake in against Charles and his family are disgusting. When people call him childish names and lie about him, it doesn't take a psychiatrist to work out what is behind it. They have no clue when the consequences of their actions will come, they have no idea what form they will take - why they think they can make people seriously ill with their hatred and get away with it, is beyond us. Very silly men.

Just 6 examples of where online harassment leads

When people get unwelcome, uninvited attention from people... it's bullying.

When they push too far... they break. The people doing this to us do it for selfish reasons. Why else would they want to contact Charles' children? Why else would they phone, email and message all our friends, business contacts and celebrity supporters? Why would they behave this way unless they are the same kind of bullies that led the children below to take their lives?

Charles' son was attacked online and harassed on social media. The distress it caused him and his sister reading the vile, childish and vicious comments online was immense. It will not be tolerated... as stated above, at some point, people break. Beth Linden ended up in an ambulance and in hospital because of these monsters. The children had to watch that. What kind of sick mind does that to a family?

These people state that Charles is a bully for threatening legal action when they state that he is a conman, is under investigation, is breaking the law, is causing damage and distress, repeatedly across many platforms. You cannot harass and defame people with blatant lies... it is against the law and if you are asked to stop and you don't, the victim has the right to inform the police and solicitors. If the police and solicitors then contact you, that has been done because they have decided that there is a case to be answered. Charles and Linden Tree have behaved professionally and legally... it is YOU, the perpetrator who is the bully, harasser and law breaker.

If law states that what you have done is harassment or defamation, it is because they have determined in law that your actions were harassing and untrue... which is why you are all under investigation... and you know you are because two of you have received harassment warnings and one of you has been arrested. The police did that, not Charles or Linden tree. YOU deserved it for your actions.

Despite what you believe, we were not forced to work with Trading Standards... we asked if we could apply for Primary Authority partnership and it was granted after they inspected every aspect of our work and policies. If there were anything amiss, they would have found it.

These beautiful young people below were the victims of foul people but more than that, they were the victims of the organisations that provided the weapons that forced them to take their own lives. Social media isn't a weapon, but it's used as one. ANYONE who places a weapon in the hands of a killer and does nothing to prevent them from using it is equally to blame for any resultant issues. If you walk into someone's garden and slip on their path, it's legally the path owner's fault regardless of why you are in the garden. the same should be true of every social environment, online and off. That would stop most of this unnecessary suffering.

Look at yourselves in the mirror folks... what do you see? If you're psychotic, you'll see perfection, if you are sane you'll see the error of your ways.

Jessica committed suicide because of online harassment

Felix committed suicide because of online harassment

Hannah committed suicide because of online harassment

Jessica committed suicide because of online harassment

Megan committed suicide because of online harassment

Amanda committed suicide because of online harassment

Why must we tolerate bullies?

We shouldn't have to - No one should have to tolerate unprovoked and unwanted harassment and bullying.

When I was at school I was bullied by a boy, a boxer, who was small but powerful, lacking intellectually but good with his fists.

A nine year old with anxiety was an easy target. From day one at my new school, he punched and kicked me, spat at me, harassed me and made my life a living hell. I cried myself to sleep at night, ran away from class and hid in the phone cubicle, I had panic attack after panic attack and developed horrendous agoraphobia, monophobia, OCD and eating disorders... to name a few of the manifestations.

He enjoyed the power he had over me. He smirked and laughed at me and punishments meant nothing... he was a serial perpetrator, an evil, foul mouthed, power hungry fool who believed that his boxing prowess made him invincible.

What is he now? The inheritor of his grandad's money and he's a full time nothing.

Why are people like that? OK, I am not perfect but I wake each day with great intentions. I never go out to hurt people, in fact, quite the opposite. I don't know how these people sleep at night. Are they SO delusional that they believe they are right?

Someone who says that by turning people against us they are saving them, but in doing so seriously upsets the person, pushing them in one case to go to hospital in an ambulance and in another case to take an overdose... what kind of people would do that? Sick people.

I don't care what people say to me but what I truly care about is other people reflecting their own issues onto others. I care when people effect other people's freedom of choice, freedom of movement or their right to be left alone.

I resued two small kids in a shopping centre last week. Three 17-18 year olds stood around them screaming at them that they were going to get a pistol and 'blow their heads off'. The small children looked terrified. I was with my children shopping but nothing was going to stop me from intervening because I was those small kids once and no one intervened for me. I have done this many times. I HATE bullies, I HATE cowardly attacks and I hate injustice.

Charles Linden

An example of the idiotic people we have to deal with

SHOCKING cowardice.... masking identities.... bullying, harassing, defaming and ​psychologically abusing ​children and women. Utter scum.

We currently have a small group of people headed by a 'professional' from psychology who have an issue with us curing anxiety... why?

a) they can't

b) they can't make money from recovery because they can't produce it
c) They want to charge patients repeatedly
d) They can't admit that what they do doesn't work... there are so many reasons.

e) They are ​unstable

These people recruit others to harass us... they create false information and unleash their 'hounds' on us.

What they don't know, but will soon discover, is that every post, comment and word they have said has been logged and forwarded to our barristers and the police in an investigation for hate crime, harassment, cyber-bullying and malicious communications... amounting to:

1. Over ​500 highly defamatory accusations - they only needed to have posted one to have a case against them.
2. Over 900 harassing communications - over 898 more than the necessary communications to have a criminal case launched against them.
3. Cyber-stalking with massively more evidence than is necessary to have a case against them.
4. Breaches of the harassment act for cyber-bullying.

In effect, they are responsible for all four of the above and for damages as a result of their actions.

Why will they be made to pay for their actions?

Because they contact clients, old people, children, our friends, celebrity clients and many others making these highly damaging comments and I WILL NOT tolerate them hurting other people for their own selfish, vile narcissistic, sociopathic satisfaction.

We have people of all ages call and email us crying because they have been contacted by these people... how do they sleep at night?

Whether they 'like' ​us or not is irrelevant.

Whether they believe in what we do is irrelevant.

What they think of ​Charles, ​his wife, ​our staff or our business is irrelevant.

What is HIGHLY relevant is that they are preventing people's freedom of choice, they are upsetting vulnerable people, they are exercising their own agenda based on selfish hatred and anger and they should be thoroughly and unreservedly ashamed of themselves. Furthermore, they are breaking the law.

They make false accusations, they call us vile names, they swear and they intimidate. They threaten, they speak like gutter-snipes and they spread malice. They are sub-intellectual, foul-mouthed cowards.

The case

The case is huge and will be executed in ​by our barristers and solicitors​... a firm in the top three in the UK, specialising in civil litigation. They are telling us that the case will start in 2018. The case is for damages and losses of over £6 million - there are 6 people in the group law suite.​

They have a choice but have, so far, chosen to ignore it. The choice is...

1. Sign a cease and desist agreement to prevent being sued.
2. Be sued for harassment, cyber-staking, malicious communications, harassment, defamation of character and two Trademarks.

3. Face any criminal charges levied against you due to your actions.

​One arrest has already been made and harassment warnings have been communicated and the case is building for criminal action against them. We have been assured by our barristers and solicitors that our chance of success in each action is excellent and that damages paid for defamation will cover all losses and legal fees plus damages for distress over 1​5 years.

When they chose to break the law, they gambled with the prospect of litigation; they were asked politely to refrain, two were party to police harassment visits and warnings. THEY chose to continue, they chose to upset many people, they chose to continue breaking the law despite all requests, advise and warnings over years. THEY, therefore, must bare the consequences. They now post 'teasing' Tweets about our lack of response... no, the response is coming!

We have put safeguards in place to ensure the safety of the Linden family and others concerned as we have received physical threats - safeguards are in place for actions should anyone come to any harm or be unavailable for the legal action to take place. Under any circumstances, these people will be dealt with by the law and by provisions we have put in place to deal with them.

The lies they create, the lengths they go to in order to create untruths is phenomenal... obsessive in fact. Why anyone would wish to do this is beyond us and why they think they can do it without consequences is even more shocking. If you try to ruin people's lives or do in fact cause them any harm, do you expect them to just 'take it'. Get a grip.

The rubbish I have read about myself is astounding. That we try to cure gay people of their homosexuality... whoever stated that is an offensive, bigoted, misguided moron... so offensive, especially considering my best friends are gay... they laughed when I told them... if you're gay, you're gay, that's it! Nothing left to be said. You can't cure it! They state that I am breaking the law by practising psychology without a license... what? It's idiotic. I wouldn't practice psychology if I HAD a license... would I practice the very thing that led me to despair? Come on now. 

The journalist who wrote this about me is a joke... he is so terribly hated by so many people and he presents as a complete fool. Our best friends, married gay men, told us that he is a digrace to the gay community.

Re 'Mr OCD'... his claims are so laughable... so childish and badly worded... so misinformed... and as for his organisation... dear sweet baby Jesus... I'll say no more. He's a silly little man with a huge chip on his shoulder. If you have OCD and want to free of it... call my team... don't listen to the 'you'll never be cured brigade'... I listened to them once and two days after I stopped listening to them and after 22 years of suffering, I CURED my OCD. What does that tell you?

And because I know these dreadful people read this page... the next time you threaten my kids' lives or contact them or cause them distress in any way... you know who you are... everything changes... about that, I am extremely serious... so listen up because next time you won't get away with it.... the reponse might come tomorrow, nexty week, next year... but it will ​happen.  The law will prevail!

I'm not the only person who has all the evidence... in fact, 26 people have ALL the details of what you have done to us... by all of you. I've helped a LOT of very grateful people from all over the world, from all groups, backgrounds and communities who have offered me support, guidance, legal services and other resources to help me and the family should you not shut up and disappear. Your full details and printouts of your posts, messages and threats are in envelopes addressed to many people... ready for posting if you do ANYTHING to us again.

So many people want to stop us from doing what we do because they didn't do TLM, can't afford TLM, don't like my hair, call me fatty, baldy, cockwomble... or whatever... so they prevent other people from benefitting. They make up nonsense. They post on social media. Make accusations.

What shocks me most though is that they have so greatly deceived so many people into believing they are descent people... they are such childish, ugly bullies. I think they believe their own lies. One thing's for sure... they're either in love with me or jealous of me... nothing else justifies their obsessive focus on me and all I do. 

What's really shocking is that one of them has committed multiple copyright thefts against us and we have screen-grabs of all of the material. They've used MY graphic multiple times on social media and their website without permission - a DMCA copyright theft warning has been sent. If these illegal activities against us don't stop, we will be suing him for that too.

Get a life!

BELOW IS A SCREEN GRAB OF OUR EVIDENCE FILE - FILLED WITH IMAGES OF EVERY DOCUMENT, POST, POLICE HARASSMENT WARNING, ARREST NOTIFICATION, SOLICITOR'S LETTERS, PHOTOS OF THEM... ALL READY TO PUBLISH IF THEY DON'T GO AWAY... if you carry on, it's your own faults. And stop reporting this to the police... 26 people have these files and control of the media platforms www.x.com - www.y.com... only you can stop this by stopping your behaviour.

So why do they do this to us?

Because their overwhelming selfishness, inflated egos, vile sense of self-righteousness and warped sense of revenge for god-knows what, want to prevent us from heloing the 1000's of lives we have changed... they are so fixated on making money from and supporting practices that can't come close to the life-changing results we produce, that they try to destroy us to prevent people from seeing how vastly different we are to what they don't achieve.

What sane human would try and stop kids and adults from doing what has helped over 260,000 people to find peace?

Charles Linden Anxiety Expert Guru
Charles Linden Anxiety Expert Guru


Would those people who have been reported to the police, received police harassment warnings and solicitor's cease and desist notices and are party to an ongoing investigation, you are all well aware of who you are, please stop harassing Charles' family, Charles, Charles' wife, his company's psychologists, psychotherapists, personal friends, clients and others associated with him and his business.

Our organisation helps people all over the world and works hard to make sure that all clients reach the recoveries they deserve - memberships are voluntary and we do not diagnose - we assume that all incoming programme users know what they suffer from and join voluntarily. This is made very clear in our terms and conditions and our guidance. The programs are, after all, self-help and our team are all qualified mental health specialists. We work in partnership with Trading Standards and all of our practices and policies comply to law and the policies set-out by our individual governing bodies.

We help people with all manner of physical and mental illnesses and endeavour to please every person and fulfil their needs. This doesn't sit well with some people. Competitors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other organisations have made it clear that creating recovery is not what they want from us or any other organisation. An NHS head told us, in no uncertain terms, that recovery won't 'pay the bills' and that creating recovery would mean funding cuts so they just can't do it. The 'haters' attack constantly. They plan and scheme, harass and defame, lie and plot and even threaten directly, even involving their wives and children. It's depraved and sick. 

We cannot know whether a client has other health or mental health issues, we cannot provide for people with other issues and agendas. What we do is life-changing and wonderful and if it doesn't work, we refund clients - many people have been seriously damaged by the haters' communications including children and old people and many vulnerable people; why would you want to harm people and prevent their access to support that helps them to live their lives fully? These men even get their wives involved... they seek out anxious people oin facebnook and other platforms who have shown an interest in what our team do, and have sent private messages to those people telling them to avoid us, that we are under investigation, that we are criminals and much more; how dare you do that to people? The level of depravity is disgusting - it's mental abuse and suggests that these people are clinically sick. The selfish pursuit of your own agendas can be the only explanation. If you have issues with the work we do... write to us or call us, contact Trading Standards with whom we are partners, but PLEASE stop attacking, harassing and defaming us and innocent people. It has made people ill, including Beth and her children. It will not be tolerated and continued attacks and threats, despite legal and police warnings, don't stop you, so much harsher consequences seem to be the only option.

As an associated matter (as this person is in contact with those involved in these activities): We have seen Tweets involved in this claiming that we had said something to a girl years ago and that she tried to take her life. The person making these statements goes on to threaten Charles Linden and make numerous extremely disturbing comments. This claim is total fabrication. Our clinical team were party to the case, although this person was never actually a client of ours in fact, they saw her as a favour to the NHS. We never had a formal agreement or received a fee as neither she nor her family were our clients. Charles was never party to any private discussion with the individual as will be confirmed by the clinical team that dealt with her. The father told our team the family history with serious mental health and other issues, but the referring NHS team provided little information and the girl was only helped to overcome her panic, anxiety and other issues for which her father stated he was eternally grateful as were the NHS team. We only saw the girl twice, both times her father was present as she was a minor. The statements being made by this girl about interactions with us are fictitious and extremely disturbing. The last time our organisation saw her, she was confidently making drinks in our office and helping Val, who has since passed away, to fill envelopes. She was happy and excited about her newfound calm. We heard a few weeks later that, against her wishes, her family had moved away to an isolated location and she was not coping with the transition. This information came directly from the NHS to one of our clinical team.

We have now been contactec by the head of that NHS organisation with a statement that strongly rejects the posted accusations.

All perpetrator evidence is available on legal request.


As a separate, but similar, matter: If our site visitors or clients are contacted by anyone, please be aware that police harassment warnings and civil cease and desist documents have been served and/or are the focus of civil and criminal investigations for cyber-stalking, bullying, harassment, malicious communications, defamation and/or any other legal redress. Investigations are mounting and a massive raft of over 300 pieces of evidence are with the police and barristers. One man has recently been arrested for questioning and other statements are being prepared in relation to the other mens' actions. Bare in mind that none of these people have EVER been Linden Tree clients. They all, with the exception of one, belong to or are associated with people in competing businesses. One is the parent of a sufferer, but neither he nor the sufferer were ever our client and his statements are both litigious and disgusting.  

Contact us to be referred for details of the cases or to be referred to the investigating police and counsel. We know the law's cogs can turn slowly, but we trust that actions taken will be just and proportionate to the suffering caused. Contact us directly at the centre on 01562 742004 for referral to the authorities involved.


UPDATE - Just received a letter into the company harassing us through a hosting company. The person is clearly delusional. They have posted dozens of harassing communications on social media about Charles and the company and Charles has never responded. We have a police investigation about this person and a civil case ongoing. They would be better placed to get a retraction notice drawn up and make amends for their appalling, childish and very scary behaviour than to start sending further harassing and defamatory materials. The barristers and police have been forwarded this latest attack. Police have today told us that it the statements and evidence has been collated and referred forward.

We have helped over 2​60,000 people who voluntarily entered the programs. Most benefit massively. If a small handful of people wish to undermine that and prevent others from benefitting or feel aggrieved that something didn't work for them, they could get a refund and move on, report us to Trading Standards, with whom we are voluntary partners; or do what they seem to have decided to do... blame us for their issues and attack. Shame on you. Any consequences resulting from your actions will result in a response; the only way to prevent this is to stop attacking.

UPDATE 31st October - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - Last night we received a second threat of mortal harm against Charles Linden. This will not be tolerated. People have been subjected to arrest, police warnings and solicitors letters for harassment, defamation, cyber-bullying, intimidation, malicious communications and associated crimes. The police investigation continues and this latest attack which followed numerous harassing and defamatory posts on social media, is now the focus of the investigation.


UPDATE 21st November - They are 'sick'. The false account set up on Facebook to attack us contacted a lovely lady yesterday with an attack on us - lies, abuse and vileness... BUT, this lovely lady lost her husband on Sunday after weeks of hospital bed vigil.... so, on top of her deep grief, these selfish monsters sent her a vile message filled with information intended to cause her distress. The selfishness is shocking. They will stop at nothing and ignore anxiety sufferer's trauma in order to attack us all at LTE. We know they have no conscience but even so, we hope that justice is served soon. The content of the message this poor lady received is the material connected to the people we have listed above. Bare in mind that these people aren't just vicious members of the public, they are, in some cases, involved with legitimate mental health services and organisations. We have conclusive evidence of their connection to all of this and with each other. The police have added this to the investigation.

UPDATE 22nd November - This person has, again, contacted the lady and another sufferer with more unwanted harassing messages and lies. The level of depravity is phenomenal. This is one highly motivated and ill person and should be avoided at all cost. He has admitted to reading this page and continues to find anyone who is associated with us to harass and bully them but, he's a coward that hides behind a false identity and steal his profile picture from a research institution. The police have been informed. What is most strange is that this person thinks we don't know who he is and thinks he has been very clever using a fake account - we employed a forensic IT specialist and a private investigator to research all of the people involved and we know exactly who this person is, where they live, where they work, the locations at which they access the internet - they call us stupid, but I think it's clear who is stupid - The sub-intellectual calls Charles 'baldy' and 'fatty', like a 4 year old in a playground spat. It will all be published if they do not remove the attacks against us.

​UPDATE ​July 2018 Given that these people have caused a very serious health issue in one of the family members, any further contact, harassment or issues created by these people will be dealt with with ​swiftly and directly. This is serious now​. Lives and wellbeing are threatened by the selfish pursuit of personal vindication. When lives become ​threatened by the cosequences of other's actions, the game ​changes forever. Bringing children into your vicious game changes everything. 

For clarirty, anything that happens will be assumed to be the responsibility of ​ B, S, D, A, S and P... you know who you are! No matter what happens or who carries it out, THEY will be made solely responsible ​and​ the consequences will arrive at their doorsteps.

To the person posting about this... do you think we don't know who you are? You have NO IDEA of the resource we have... silence isn't indicative of non-action. ​

​FYI... re the court appearance in Stourport you kept alluding to... we weren't asked to attend! Your silly posts were based on nothing but hearsay, fabrication and assumption by another person who doesn't yet know just how much trouble they are in... but they will... as will you.

Statement of fact: Any documents or statements that Charles Linden has been party to or received any warnings for harassment, are falsified. ​

​A person reported Charles to the police for his solicitor sending a legal cease a decist letter to them (I know, idiotic!) and the police HAVE TO, by law deal with that... it IS NOT A HARASSMENT WARNING because no evidence of any harassment was presented... however, the person who reported Charles has provided dozens of harassing messages towards Charles. Charles has never responded.

​From West Mercia Police about the accusation: ​The letter stated that West Mercia makes no comment as to the truthfullness of the allegation.

​Update September 2018 - More fake profiles created they're off again... you'd think they'd have better things to do with their time but no, they still believe they are doing humanity a service by undermining, defaming, harassing and stalking us. Despite the 1000's of people whose lives we have changed and saved... they believe that ONE ASA complaint by one of them about us and a handful of vile people stating inaccurate, defamatory lies about us, justify ruining our reputation... the only people who will pay for their hatred are the anxious people they are LITERALLY stopping from reaching us. They contact kids, old people, mentally ill people and spread vileness... they literally TELL them we are crooks, under investigation, dangerous... THEY will be judged... on their heads be the suffering they cause.

​TRUTH - You all believe people and evidence and publicly regurgitate it as fact... just to make a point...

​When a close member of your family LIES to the entire family for a long period of time, with the most ​horrible lie possible and then comes clean suddenly to the surprise and shock of everyone around them... HOW do you believe a word they ever say? IF you choose to believe that completely vile lie and then publicly post it in your own name... you'd better have some physical or written PROOF because, potentially, at some point, you are going to be stood in a place that will ask you for proof and in the absence of it, given that the person who stated it is a known liar who decieved dozens of people at great emotional and financial cost, you'll have to hope that the law acts kindly. The lie is repugnant, untrue and damaging, but you believed it without a single piece of evidence from the mouth of a liar. Does truth matter to you all? Just because some 'qualifi​ed fool' states something... it's true? More fool you. ​

​Arrested and charged

The police have taken action against one of these clowns, after ​a decisioon to charge for Malicious Communications under the Harassment Act, from the Crown Prosecution Service... now on to the others.

Now that the CPS have made a decision to charge, the civil case will be activated. Letters in pre-action protocol to follow. ​Investigation for the civil and the criminal case for Conspiracy to Harass ​commences shortly... how the civil cases proceed depend solely on whether we receive voluntarily provided apologies, letters of retractions of all materials and undertakings never to ​repeat this behaviour in future from all parties involved; if we do not, we will sue for all charges in the civil court.

They call Charles a bully for instructing solicitors and informing the police when it is, more than, necessary, but it's clear who the bullies are. 100's of harassing, jearing, bullying, offensive, unwanted messages, threats in a years-old conspiracy to commit harassment. SM, PS, AF, BC, DW... you know it, the police know it, the CPS know it and 1000's of our supportive and grateful clients know it. ​We have 100's of pieces of evidence.

​The book and website

The entire bank of evidence is now also the focus of an expose, a book, a video documentary and a separate SEO'd website for each party that are all ready to launch, containing their full identities, family home and work locations, work details and screen-grabs of every vile post, threat, lie, harassing message, bullying remark, police report, statement from the people and organisations they have spent, literally, hundreds of hours contacting in the name of obsessive hatred. At the moment they are not for public viewing - whether they ever are is their decision.


If they go live, they will stay live for good and will be publicised to ensure they are seen. Copies will be sent to everyone they know​.

We have never acted unlawfully or inappropriately and any 'evidence' presented by these is now and has always been generated by them and we will repost it all for people to see - all written by these people's own hands. When will these people stop their lies, attacks and bullying? We have a file of hundreds of threatening, harassing and highly litigious posts and communications that demonstrate the lies these people tell to satisfy their own, vile, vicious and vindictive purposes. As an organisation, we have had enough - this has made two people extremely ill and affected many clients, friends, celebrities, business colleagues, clinical specialists and kids, all for the gratification of selfish individuals. We have received a huge amount of messages of support from clients we have helped, which is wonderful, but we would urge people to DO nothing in response. Whilst we appreciate your support, we cannot condone any unlawful behaviour.

Charles' statement about this whole sorry affair.

"I am genetically programmed for honesty (I won't bore you with the psychology of that 'condition' because conditions should never define us)... deception isn't in me... ask and I will tell you. I say it 'how it is' if asked. It's why people ask me. If you don't like my truth, you have the option to leave. Despite what this task force of 'people-damagers' say, I will prove that it's based on lies that they generate and use as evidence; like the fact that we are a 'gay conversion bootcamp', that we are 'under investigation'... it's so offensive and vile... the scum that dreamed that up deserves nothing good.

​I know that some of them still suffer from anxiety and have families... why would you bring so much negative attention to your lives? Why would you risk everything for your self-serving vendettas? Are you completely stupid? I have never attacked a soul in my life... I couldn't live with myself if I had... but you do this to us all and think it will just all go away.

Since I fell victim to the ignorance they and others 'practice and preach' I knew that, one day, I would make it my job to protect innocent people from the lies that nearly killed me. I now do that through science, practice, real evidence and smiling faces we create. The haters don't want that. I'm the guy trying to stop them perpetuating suffering. The only protection they ever turn to is 'evidence base', the only weapon they have is to use ANY means to destroy our reputation and to stop vulnerable people from getting the support and guidance we offer. I don't need to vocalise what that makes them... history will do that for eternity when the facts are clearly presented alongside their names for everyone they know to see. Let's hope, for their own and their legacy's sakes, that they have a semblance of common sense and that data is never published. Finally, I wish to reiterate vital points - I have NEVER attacked them, contacted them or publicly posted about them... they have done this 1000's of times about me, my staff, my fiends, my family and our organisation. They are either in love with me or are filled with hateful obsession... either way, I don't care and they are 'tapped'... they can do what they want to me, but when they harm my family, I will not lie back and take it. ANYTHING you do to harm my family WILL come back at you 100 times greater.Threaten and harass my wife and children and you open a can of worms.

Life has a funny way of sorting things out in the end... over my ​50 years I have seen it many times but I have never previously seen this ​level of vileness. When the time is right, we will publish every single threat, harassing text and vile message, copies of police documents, barrister letters, copies of the CPS charges, court outcomes... in fact everything against their names publicly for all to see... forever... unless they stop, retract and apologise.

I am not unreasonable, I just want them to STOP... but sadly, it seems, their obsession with me doesn't allow them to exercise that self-control even after solicitor's letters, police warnings and multiple attempts by us and our team. If they do anything to compromise my children's, my wife's, my extended family's or my life, within seconds, the consequences will fall on them and THEREFORE their families. You have made my wife and children ill... you sick, obsessive, depraved animals... LEAVE US ALONE." Charles Linden

Linden Tree Education

This young lady, like many thousands, have benefited from Charles' advice. Hollie was victim to a system that nearly brought about her taking her own life. THIS is what these evil people are attempting to prevent us doing - they are attempting to destroy our reputation in order to prevent people like Hollie from recovering.

Hollie Roberts
Hollie was 14 when she came to us having gone through CAMHS and being placed in The Priory by the NHS, which they paid for privately. She so eloquently tells her story.

​Here are more examples of the people these idiots want to harm

​These are people who have recovered using TLM when CBT, hypnosis, medication, GPs., psychologists, psychiatrists and other, so called, professionals, let them down... people like this and the kids we help will be prevented from, potentially, changing their lives by the fools described above... ​you will all be judged. I know of 11 people now, who were made ill by their actions... one was an older lady in ger 70's who was rushed to hospital. Shame on you all... especially the Drs. These people are just some of our many Linden Method ambassadors. You can read about many hundreds more on www.thelindencentre.org

I liken anxiety's relationship to fear with diarrhoea's relationship to bowel movements...
one's 'order', the other 'disorder'... I show people how to remove the disorder... erasing fear diarrhoea!
Charles Linden

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