​Cyber-bullying, Harrassement & Stalking

​About 15 years ago, a mean spirited individual who simply wished to upset us, because his views didn't align with ours (we cure people, he never has) started an assault on our reputation online and off. His status carried his comments a long way BUT he had no right to comment because ​our expertise is FAR outside of his field of knowledge.

His assault on us was massive, time consuming and obsessive. He wrote a review of our programmes without having accessed them. He spoke to none of our qualified team. He spoke to no clients or ex clients. He had no data and his review was a childish, badly worded work of complete fiction... but he didn't need facts in order to attack us and undermine our work.

He contacted all of our business contacts, universities and academics we had worked with, ​he reported us to any authorities and ​did whatever he could to bring negative atytention to us and desuade potential clients from using our services. He did all he could to cause us disruption and reputational damage.

He would call organisations and ask the switchboard operator if they had heard of us... of course the answer was nearly alwys no, so he'd then post that response by way of supporting his stupid claims. But it looked real. 

He would post that our psychologists and psychotherapists had no qualifications which was enormously distressing for them.

He called trading Standards and the ASA at an obsessive level; in fact, they said that they had never met someone so obsessive and vile. This is a highly qualified man in a position of authority... trust me, his coleagues ​were digusted. We met some at a show once and they told us that his eg​o has him believe ​he is "second, only, to god". They hated him and were relieved when he left their organisation. Outwardly, however, he looks credible.

What is most hysterical is that we can find not one single sould that could state that this man had cured them or even moved them toward recovery... he himself states that anxiety management is the best possible outcome and quotes from the stats created by psychological practice to justify their misguided treatments and fake science. Even his very closest friend still suffer... so much so that he moans constantly about it online and runs a major organisation ​to 'help' other sufferers... meanwhile we cure people hand over fist.

I wonder why he has a problem with us? Puzzling.

This man's little friend who accompanies him on this journey of harassment... a vicious little man who makes money from an entity for sufferers.... he offers nothing by way of relief, but makes a ​very substantial living from his bad advice and silliness... bare in mind that he still suffers... 'the blind leading the blind' springs to mind. He threatened Charles' children!

Around the same time, another person was offensive on a public forum and was subseqently released as an admin. Not our fault. But he had been involved with a man who had publicly stated the most damaging information about us; a man we rightly then warned with a solicitor's letter... because he had not responded to verbal requests. This fool then felt 'stressed'... his fault!

​He then started the most vile, name calling, litigious, harassing campaign of stalking... hundreds of posts, tweets and messages for well over a decade.

Both of these vindictive people met online, collected a few more 'hench-men' and launched a choreographed, litigious, harassing, defamatory, stalking campaign to contact ​Charles, ​his family, ​his staff, ​his friends and even potential clients with the most hateful and misguided vileness possible. Two of these people treat through the NHS... they even treat children... it's terrifying. They have collected a band of people who, for whatever reason, don't like us curing people; you see us curing their clients means them losing their cash-cow.

They ​stalk and harass clients on social media... ​these distressed people would come to us, often crying and panicking due to these men's relentless attacks, stupidity and selfishness. Cruel, shameful behaviour.

Over this time, ​these ​men have received police harassment warnings, barrister's and solicitors letters, but they continue to threaten, scheme and harass despite every attempt. Their employees have been contacted but still they continue.

Beth Linden, who during this period nursed her mother through dementia and her father through organ failure leading to their deaths and has brought up two children aged 13 and 16 now, in addition to working full time and watching, 4 other family members and six close family friends die prematurely, has had to tolerate all of this; and in addition has had to tolerate direct social media contact designed to intimidate and scare her. Messages late at night wishing her 'sleep well' ​with winking eye graphics. The children have been contacted through social media. One of the men threatened that he knows where the kids go to school and to stop helping anxious people 'or else'.  What kind of men are these? Sick, depraved men.

They hunt out mentally ill people who have used our programmes, they look for anything they can use to 'pin' wrong-doings on us in their vile attempt to discredit us.

Message to those men...

Let me make this clear because you are all obviously too vile and thick to understand it...

  1. we do not practise psychology
  2. we offer educational programmes
  3. charles doesn't do all of the social media... it's managed
  4. ​the programmes are administered by qualified professionals NOT Charles
  5. the programmes are not on prescription or medical, they are guided SELF-HELP
  6. Beth and the kids shouldn't feel intimidated by YOU... YOU are harassing, disgusting bullies

The list goes on.

Now, ​Charles and Beth's children are scared to go out alone. Beth has been made seriously ill by their actions... so much so that an ambulance had to be called and she has been left with ​two serious, ongoing conditions CAUSED BY THEM. She is no longer the vibrant and happy mum she used to be because of them and she also has another very close family member who is extremely unwell... so shame on you.

In this same time frame, we have helped tens of thousands of people to fully recover and the evidence for that is unquestionable.

We are a psycho-educational organisation... we are not involved in psychology or psychotherapy at all, nor would we want to be... our anxiety programmes are guided self-help. But reason doesn't work with these people because their only intention is protection of what doesn't work because it pays them or because they are bitter, obsessive and vindictive.

These cruel, misguided and sick individuals don't care what they cause. Their behaviour has ruined and impeded lives in their sad pursuit of their own form of justice.

They accuse Charles of being a bully for reporting them to the police and sending solicitor's letters... meanwhile they bully and harass innocent people, children, old people, qualified professionals... in fact anyone they can with blind disregard for the distress they cause.

Making this very transparent for you idiots... be sure you want to continue this... calm and relatively silent as we may be... stupid we are ​NOT... let's see where this leads when you don't stop... we have given you every opportunity!

The harm you have caused is unforgiveable. You will be judged. Is this the life you always wanted to lead? What ​made you so vile?

The law: https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/stalking-and-harassment

I liken anxiety's relationship to fear with diarrhoea's relationship to bowel movements...
one's 'order', the other 'disorder'... I show people how to remove the disorder... erasing fear diarrhoea!
Charles Linden

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