Announcement Re Cybercrime

Would those people who have been reported to the police, received police harassment warnings and solicitor's cease and desist notices and are party to an ongoing investigation you are all well aware of, please stop harassing Charles' family, Charles, Charles' wife, his company's psychologists, psychotherapists and others associated with him and his business.

Our organisation helps people all over the world and works hard to make sure that all clients reach the recoveries they deserve - memberships are voluntary and we do not diagnose - we assume that all incoming programme users know what they suffer from and join voluntarily. This is made very clear in our terms and conditions and our guidance. The programs are, after all, self-help and our team are all qualified mental health specialists.

We help people with all manner of physical and mental illnesses and endeavour to please every person and fulfil their needs. This doesn't sit well with some people. Competitors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other organisations have made it clear that creating recovery is not what they want from us or any other organisation.

These 'haters' attack constantly. They plan and scheme, harass and defame, lie and plot and even threaten directly.

We cannot know whether a client has other health or mental health issues, we cannot provide for people with other issues and agendas. What we do is life-changing and wonderful and if it doesn't work, we refund clients - many people have been seriously damaged by the haters' communications including children; why would you want to harm people and prevent their access to support that helps them to live their lives fully? The selfish pursuit of your own agendas can be the only explanation. If you have issues with the work we do... write to us or call us, contact Trading Standards with whom we are partners, but PLEASE stop attacking, harassing and defaming us. It has made people ill, including Beth and her children. It will not be tolerated and continued attacks and threats, despite legal and police warnings, don't stop you, so much harsher consequences seem to be the only option.

As a separate, but similar, matter: If our site visitors or clients are contacted by anyone with the surnames listed below, please be aware that they are involved in and/or have received police harassment warnings and civil cease and desist documents and/or are the focus of civil and criminal investigations for cyber-stalking, bullying, harassment, defamation and/or any other legal redress. Investigations are mounting and a massive raft of over 300 pieces of evidence are with the police and barristers. One man has recently been arrested for questioning and other statements are being prepared in relation to the other men's actions. Bare in mind that none of these people have EVER been Linden Tree clients. They all, with the exception of one, belong to or are associated with people in competing businesses. One is the parent of a sufferer, but neither he nor the sufferer were ever our client. These are the surnames of the individuals who are the main focus of all investigations: McAllister. Wilde. Salkovsiks. Lomas. Fulwood. Benedict. There are more names within the investigation. Contact us to be referred for details of the cases or to be referred to the investigating police and counsel. We know the law can take a while, but we trust that actions taken will be just and proportionate to the suffering caused.

We have helped over 200,000 people who voluntarily entered the programs. Most benefit massively. If a small handful of people wish to undermine that and prevent others from benefitting or feel aggrieved that something didn't work for them, they could get a refund and move on; or do what they seem to have decided to do... blame us for their issues and attack. Shame on you.

Linden Tree Education


IF YOU have been told that you will always be anxious, your doctor or psychologist is incompetent.

ANYONE who tells you that you have to tolerate anxiety, panic, OCD, obsessions, phobias, PTSD, health anxiety, eating disorders etc. is a fool.

We will PROVE to you that you can and WILL recover and that the only reason you still suffer is because no one with knowledge or competence has yet told you how to.

OUR psychologists and counsellors will tell you EXACTLY how to recover... starting right now with unlimited support and guidance.


Since 1997, we have created and maintained a global reputation for creating real, scientific and lifelong recovery. Emotional health is every human's birthright and we have revolutionised mental healthcare by creating the world's only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy - with 100% effectiveness. Nothing else comes close.

LAR Therapy isn't a treatment, it's THE treatment. It mimics the body and mind's own processes. Other therapies are 'shoehorned' into anxiety disorder treatment methods in order to provide services in the absence of knowledge or solutions. We pride ourselves on the work we do and the lives we change because they are unmatched anywhere else in the world.

We provide the only accredited anxiety disorders recovery therapy with unlimited, professional support access. We are also, by far, the least expensive mental health organisation in the world... we provide what every anxiety sufferer needs... and more.

What I do

"I've been accused of being forthright with my views about the psychology and medicine used to treat anxiety disorders... that's because I am passionate about the truth, recovery and preventing the hell I went through happening to others."

Recovery programs, media & course development, presentation, coaching, lecturing & mentoring, educational programs. My work ›

what i do

my work. My passion.
full & permanent Recovery

Books, TV & Media

Author & Developer

I have published over 200 works. Books, CDs, DVDs, websites, TV series, audios & videos to educate & remove anxiety

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& Course Developer

Recovery courses & resources for patients & for professional mental health accreditation through the NCFE

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Coach & Consultant

To media, clients & corporates

Private recovery coaching, corporate & government consultancy - Consultant to TV & Film studios

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Books & Media

creating media that touches & changes lives.

There is ONE 'meaning of life' - To support fellow humans to traverse through it as effectively and meaningfully as possible whilst creating the sense of fulfilment and joy... what more could there be?

My work

Recent Work

revolutionising mental healthcare & changing lives.

Take a look at the new horizons towards which we constantly travel. See what I have been up to›

Global anxiety disorder recovery

My quest is to wipe out the pandemic of suffering

It may sound impossible but I believe we can eradicate anxiety disorders internationally by 2025

I know how to fix the genetic predisposition. I know how to prevent activation of the disorders. I know how to cure sufferers. I just don't yet know how to reach them all... but I'm working on it.

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Early Recognition, Prevention & Recovery in Schools

We have created a system that can not only remove anxiety disorders, but can identify those predisposed to suffering.

Once we know who has the ability to suffer, we can prevent them from suffering. Those who already suffer can be shown how to recover fast.

We provide complete solutions including trained, on-site recovery practitioners within your own staff and a bank of resources and one-to-one support and guidance for the sufferer and their families.

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Corporate & Armed Forces

Supported Recovery Where People Are

In any environment regardless of location, we can provide immediate access recovery resources and support.

With no wait times, no appointments necessary and a raft of the most incredible, mobile enabled, resources and professional support, recovery can happen very quickly, simply and without impacting significantly on any aspect of the sufferer's life.


my inspiration comes from my daily life.

When I cycle or walk, which I do most days, if I have time... I think... and a thought leads to an idea... and an idea leads to planning... and planning leads to creation. I never wait or 'put off' what I can do today because doing so only leads to backlogs in my brain; inhibiting creativity and action.

My recent work


More about the resources I create and work with

I do whatever I can to the best of my knowledge and ability, to communicate the facts and processes that create real change fast. That starts with creating the vehicles for that. Find out more! ›

Published Author

& TV Presenter

Published by multiple publishing companies, Charles is in growing demand as mental health continues to become the hottest topic in the political health agenda.

Photography, Videography

Radio & TV

Charles is a trained media producer, working in both professional photography and broadcast TV and film before founding Linden Tree Education in 1997.

Online, Mobile Enabled

Resources & Programs

As technology has moved on, Charles has made it his mission to be able to create and maintain all of the technology used within the businesses himself.

CDs & Online Audio


Charles' library of audio tracks is available to all clients and also available to purchase separately on iTunes.

Course Development

& Educational Resources

LTE is NCFE accredited which means that it is an educational organisation, just like any school, college or university. Charles develops and writes all course materials himself.



Charles writes for magazines, newspapers and websites as well as providing video and audio materials for all media types.

"Charles is the world's leading authority on anxiety disorder recovery"

Hay House Publishing

"Charles is the Allan Carr of anxiety disorder recovery"

The London Times

"Charles has cured over 200,000 people and counting"

The Independent

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