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"My only purpose in life, apart from being the best dad I can be, has been to rid every sufferer of the anxiety conditions that literally robbed me of my youth.

NO ONE should have to live with anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, phobias, obsessive thoughts or the symptoms that these conditions carry with them.

It is every persons right to be anxiety disorder free and to enjoy their life and attain their full potential and fulfilment.

We cure people using a process based on the human biology that produces fear. NO therapy. NO drugs. NO 'face your fear'.. just a simple, scientific, proven, common sense solution that truly cures people."

Charles Linden


"Charles Linden is the world's most influential
authority on anxiety recovery."
Hay House Publishing

Coronations Street's Kate Ford and Birds of a Feather's
Linda Robson about The Linden Method

kateford   lindatweet3

"Charles Linden...
the Allen Carr of anxiety."

The Times
"The Linden Method and
Charles Linden saved my life"

The Telegraph

Eastenders & Dempsey & Makepeace star Glynis Barber

glynis barber


Charles with Ricki Lake in Los Angeles

Charles was invited to The Ricki Lake show whilst visiting clients in LA and his Publishers Hay House publishing in San Diego.

Charles with Lady Jemma Mornington (Jemma Kidd)

Charles and Jemma pose here for a photograph by celebrity photographer Abi Campbell whilst shooting for an article about Jemma's recovery for The Daily Mail's YOU magazine. Jemma and her sister Jodie recovered using The Linden Method.

Jemma is a director of Linden Anxiety Recovery now.

Charles with TV makeover presenter and guru Gok Wan.

Charles appeared on Gok's programme 'Gok's Teens' in which he was challenged to cure 16 year old Kyle of his anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. Which he did. Kyle's video can be viewed later on this page.

Gok's Teens The Naked Truth TV Show

The Linden Method by Kyle & his mum

Charles and The Linden Method cured Kyle in under a week on Gok's TV show. Kyle then went on to
lobby parliament, speaking live to the House.

Harley Street, Telephone or Skype sessions with Charles Linden

To enquire about or book a private anxiety recovery session or a group of mentoring sessions with Charles Linden, please call Jo Goodchild on +441562 732078. Please be aware that Charles now does very limited private work and that his availability becomes booked up, sometimes months in advance. We do occassionally have cancelations, so please contact Jo Goodchild to determine availabilty and to be put on the waiting list.

Charles Linden is the world's leading anxiety disorder and stress expert.

As an ex sufferer who cured himself aged 27 and an anxiety educator to over 155,000 anxious people since 1997, Charles has become an advisor to government, corporations, media, press, sports-people, actors, musicians and medical organizations around the world.

Charles appears on and presents international TV shows, writes for international press, websites and newspapers and has appeared in and on hundreds of websites, TV and radio programs and media.

Dividing his time between the UK, USA and Europe, Charles' unique insights, expertise, calm and reassuring manner coupled with his immense knowledge and communication skills have touched the lives of millions of stress, anxiety, panic, OCD, Pure O and PTSD sufferers from around the world.

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Hay House Publishing & Charles Linden
An exciting future ahead with the world's largest self-help publisher

2013 marks a new era in Charles publishing. At the end of 2012, Charles signed a four book deal with Hay House Publishing, the publishing house created in 1984 by International educator, author and self-help guru, Louise Hay.



Hay House Publishing publishes Stress Free in 30 Days Book in June

Hay House Publishing are publishing Charles' Stress Free in 30 Days book which comes with a FREE CD of resources to use to become stress free. Coming to market in June, the book provides a simple program that removes unwanted stress and brings about wellbeing and fulfilment in every aspect of the reader's life. Order at Hay House



Hay House Publishing publishes Stress Free in 30 Days DVD TV Series in June

Hay House Publishing are publishing Charles' TV series Stress Free in 30 Days as a DVD set. Coming to market in June, the DVD set will walk viewers through a simple program that removes unwanted stress and brings about wellbeing and fulfilment in every aspect of their lives.
Order at Hay House



2014 Edition Linden Method Launched

Charles is very excited about the lauch of the 2013 Linden Method Edition. He has worked so hard to make it easier to do and to make it work faster.

NEW video/DVD, NEW 10th Pillar, NEW Compliance video - Unlimited support from our qualified staff.

Meet Charles

Charles Linden's blog

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